My name is Elise. I love mountains, bears, and nail art.

goodnight //

Trick or tr(eat me out) 🎃

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At least now I have a reason to cry over something isn’t Grey’s Anatomy

I cheated on someone once and let me tell you what that was the stickiest situation I have ever been in cause not only did I cheat but the person I cheated with was the best friend of my last serious boyfriend and I have never been so stressed in my life but holy shit I ended up with the most amazing boy ever and the moral of the story is follow your heart and consider everyone involved and theur feelings and try to do it in the least destructive way. I just kinda took a buldozer and cleared that shit out and let me tell you what growing trees on that land is a toughie but most likely worth it. Good luck lady bugs.


aspire to be the explicit album version and not the radio edit 

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